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Mar 19, 2006


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This week should be a fun one for diagnostic companies and the venture funds who back them. On Tuesday, March 21, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in LabCorp v. Metabolite (04-607). Dennis Crouch over at Patently-O has done a fine job... [Read More]

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So far in U.Id's short life, there's been a bit of copyright discussion but nothing on "the Other White Meat" of intellectual property, patents. Mea culpa. The oversight has a special sting this week, with two major patent cases before... [Read More]


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I'm one of the "extremeists". At present I cannot see how the Patent systems serves the public, and if it does not serve the public it has no usefull purpose.

Labcorp V. Metabolite is a good example. In effect this patent could be classed as a version of mind control. The 13th clause says in effect "If A < C then D", in effect being an equation. Equations cannot be patented (and indeed the equation itself isn't). However by trying to block the use of the equation, the plaintiff is attempting to use the clause as a patent.

This does not equate with the purpose of the patent system, and should not be allowed.

Wayne says " I cannot see how the Patent systems serves the public". Do you avail yourself of advanced medical technology? Wayne, do you have a job? If you do then you likely owe a multitude of inventors an apology. And if you are not a productive member of society I most certainly understand why you cannot see the importance of patents.

Ronald J Riley, President
Professional Inventors Alliance
RJR (at)
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RJR Direct # (202) 318-1595

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