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Jan 16, 2005


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a slight correction....
Special Program Examiners are SPRE's not SPE's

SPE's are Supervisory Patent Examiners...they are in charge of their particular art unit.

Eric, thanks for the correction.

In the procees of filing a petion.

Great article. I have a questoin. I filed an patent application. I like to make a petion to make special based on the patent will enhance the quality of the environment by reducing the air pollution. How do I acutally file a petion? I mean what form I should get?
BTW I filed the patent electronically by using USPTO's program. I don't see any place I can file a petition.

In my experience as a patent agent specializing in business methods, a petition to make special is essential in order to get an application examined in a timely manner, especially in class 705. Delays to first office action can be reduced from over four years to less than six months.

More details in an article recently published in the June 2006 issue of the Insurance IP Bulletin:

There is also a new Wikipedia article on PTMS's at

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