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Sep 04, 2005


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First off, I must admit that I am anything but a lawyer. Actually, I am far closer to the object of the suit: a software engineer. As an individual who, at some point in the future, hopes to somehow contribute materially to society by advancing the field of computer science, I am extremely dismayed by suits of this nature.

I understand that patent holding companies sometimes act as true representatives of inventors. However, I also understand that they are frequently play the equivalent of an "intellectual stock market" buying up patents from inventors. The patent holding company then waits like a spider in the web for some other inidivudal/company to attempt to profit from a similar invention, and then sues the life out of them.

How is this the least bit beneficial to society as a whole? Clearly there must be a way to legally distinguish between a patent holding company representing an inventor and a social vampire looking to make a quick buck at society's cost. That is, by the way, clearly the net effect: innovation requires capital. Lawsuits remove capital.

What's worse is that these patent holding companies CREATE NOTHING! In the case where the holding company merely invests in patents for the explicit purpose of later suing other companies, these patent holders are no better than social vampires!

This cannot be the intent of the patent system.

It's ridiculous that any party can claim for patent rights just based on an "idea" without real innovation of practical beneficial to user.

Only US can has org like NTP, just like the fat cats in the financial business.

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