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Dec 21, 2005


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What a neat idea for a hat should be a must get for any single men and women out there!

That looks like holly, not mistletoe...

aha that's why it never works for me . . .

Season's greetings to you too! COol invention, all we need now is solar powered christmas lights. LOL

Solar powered christmas lights are disclosed, for example, in US 5,034,658 to Hierig et al., entitled "Christmas-tree, decorative, artistic and ornamental object illumination apparatus", although the invention is really that the lights are connected to the power source by either infra-red or induction.

I particularly like reference number 20, indicating the small gap between "male" and "female." (At least, I'm assuming that's what they are... it's hard to tell, since they aren't labeled). Or maybe, 20 refers to the loving look in "female's" eyes.

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