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Feb 15, 2006


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The URL is to my article describing an approach
to removing the adversarial relationship
between patent holders and users of patent
intellectual property.

This is not a response to the article. I didn't
see how to email you.


The use that Greg proposes here seems to be "fair use". Also it would be of social and economic benefit to others, as well as himself.

They stepped on some human rights laws, when they made the laws that make things easier for the RIAA. Maybe they should step on some sacred cow copyright laws, to make things easier for programmer citizens to comply with copyright law.

Or is it all about protecting and facilitating monopoly and greed, no matter what the proposed use of copyrighted material. There is of course over a hundred years of monopoly and greed supporting law to overcome here, that keeps the lawyers employed, as well as overcoming the associated social and mental conditioning.

I invest untold amounts of money in my intellectual property and that alone should qualify a person to being given a legal monopoly on those works.I don't mind people using my legally created software but if they make money on the software or similar I require a license to be agreed to or I can claim infringement, based on loss of profits, no matter how long it takes me to create profit on my own efforts if ever because social and ecomonic disadvantage is real and so if only rich corporations can develope ideas to profit than I suggest the corporations buy us all out of the software creating business.I'll sell my 56 computer programs but not cheap.

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