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Feb 19, 2006


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It should be no problem to develop a working model of this -- once they locate a supply of dilithium crystals.

Locate dilithium crystals? Everybody knows you can get them at Rigel XII. Getting there without the warp drive, or beautful women might be a problem, though.

Make it so.

I thought dilithium crystals where in Folgers coffee LOL

Someone has been messing with the time line, this wasn't supposed to happen for another 157 years!

could be compleat bull, but hey they patented some stuff before that worked in theroy (some that did some that dident and some there still trying) why not this
~justin Pakosky

Someone's been watching too much of Event Horizon lately... remember kids... it didn't end well.

I have them...
But the price is high:
10kg of Thaleron
...and they ar yours.

If I were this applicant, I wouldn't want to submit a working model, either -- the folks at RIM would only steal it and beat me to retail with superior marketing...

pff. Warp drive is soo old school. I prefer walking there with my stargate. Just so long as we don't gate to P3W-451.

Took long enough!! Now I can tap some klingon babes!!

Great Ceasar's Ghost, they stole my idea! Better getta work on the transpoter patent before they steal that too!

hm, but cooling down Lithium to ultracold temperatures would create Li2 molecules which crystalize - dilithium crystals :)

It is interesting to me that the patent examiner has required the applicant 'to furnish a model of the instant invention' every time the application was rejected (9/04 - non-final, 5/05 - final, and 1/06 - non-final).

Only in addition to this has the examiner required different (non- theoretical) language, which the applicant has actually paid attention to.

lolz, what material would they use to store the antimatter?

Now all I have to do is patent my time travel device, go back a few years and steal his idea!

What would Luietenant LaForge think

I hear you can get them cheaper at Walmart.

Logic is the begining of wisdom, not the end; and please Captain, not in front of the Klingons.

You could always find the nuculear vessels and use a device to steal some nuclear energy to recharge the dilithium crystals.

I wish they had let this go through. I would have enjoyed Paramount suing (and winning) rights to the warp drive patent. So fear not .. if this had actually been approved the "federation" would have interceded.

If you want to bend space time get some vice grips and a swatch. (and some safety glasses those things really explode .. )

Jean-Luc Picard wrote:
> what material would they use to store the antimatter?

Quick, seize him, he's an imposter! Even the captain knows that the anti-matter must be stored using magnetic confinement.

Oh no, it's too late, our phasers have quit working due to a patent injunction.... we're all going to die!

Nah, Walmart's Dilithium Crystals are mined in South America, they have too many flaws, would result in an antimatter inbalance ahd cause a warp core dump and possibly a catastrophy if too close to an inhabited planet.

I have an idea, why don't somebody patent the process of patenting???

No, Amazon would have gotten that one by now.

What if borg hear about this? We will all be assimilated!

is this real, like in tv-series stargate sg1 we will be able to travel to other worlds and meet other species haah

i think that this isnt theoreticaly possibly, beacuse how can this device seperate human molecules and then get it back together without doing any damage to the human body....

chapa"i-the stargate

OK - none of those published application numbers are for the titles listed. Maybe I don't get the joke, or was there something missing there?

Hmmm... usually my intoxicated blather gets completely incoherent after the first couple of scotches or 1/2 sheet of scribbling, which ever comes last. Oh yeah, it did.

"It should be no problem to develop a working model of this -- once they locate a supply of dilithium crystals."

What they are not telling us is that they already have found a supply.

I think you should have somthing that works before you get a patent.

I've only done this once before

Push it to the limit!

Although I don't know where to find dilithium crystals, you can borrow my flux capacitor any time.

this is ridiculous, if it can't be patented, who's going to have the incentive to develop one? how will the vulcans ever contact us then.

I'm pretty sure anti-matter could be contained within a strong magnetic field. It's how they contain super-high temp plasma in structures it should burn straight through.

The plasma never actually touches the walls of the container.

Has anybody asked John Titor? He might have a few dilithium crystals laying around...

Where are all the nuclear wessels?

We replaced this warp drive's dilithium crystals with Folgers you think they will notice?

One word for you guys: Wormhole. It's way better than this warp drive crap. The amount of refined naquida requred to make a ship capable of interstellar space travel alone would make this plan completely unfeasable. Not to mention the fact that in travelling in a warp drive at such a high velocity, even with time compesation would cause years to pass outside of the warp drive's field. Let's stick with things we know work, like ZPE.

Actually the above posters are correct. Antimatter is essentially contained in magnetic fields.

Matter/Antimatter reactions actually do produce large amounts of energy. The problem is that antimatter is not an abundant resource and currently we do not have an efficient way to create antimatter in large quantities.

For more infomation:

Err... I tell you, next thing we will have a Parabolic Time Chamber, where you can spend two years in there, with an equivalence to one day earth time! Imagine the wonders!


Three thousand quatloos says they don't get a patent.

Hey guys hate to break it to you I believe the device is of a mechanical nature and uses magnetic fields to create a bubble of space that exists in another reality where physics follow diff. laws. The only input would be energy to turn the magnets causing the two fields to interact with each other. It does not work like the theories in any scifi show you have ever seen. But the principal is closest to the warp drive in Star Trek and no where close to a Stargate that works on a whole other principal. But I have to agree a stargate is a much more interesting way however impossible at present it may be.

What about using a steam engine? Isn't it hot?

Actually bending space-time and moving space through you (as opposed to moving through space) would propel you faster than light (instant?) and there would be no real time difference between what you feel and earthlings feel.

Just so happens my neighbor(who happens to be Ferengi) says he could lay hishands on a quantity of dilithium crystals at a nominal cost...he does state however that the refining proccess is extra.

Here's your dilithium crystals:;jsessionid=PTIFVSDOCM3NOQSNDBECKH0CJUMEKJVN

Do you think the new metallic brakepads will be enought to stop the wessel upon arrival at seti alpha 6?
Or will we overshoot and end up in Space 1999?

How many jiggawatts of power do the moters require? and do you determine the distance traveled by the RPM of the rings?

Yeah, they should be able to do it with a couple of dylithium crystals... But then again, you would need an anti-matter graviton field in order to stow them anywhere in a stable state.

Instant, eh? Didn't someone mention Folgers?

I swear if I have to read another "I'm going to patent the idea of patenting stupid patents" crack again I'M going to patent the process of posting jokes that have been used a bajillion times.

Dennis -- more interesting to me than any crank invention are the notions that an examiner can require a working model and that the invention obey physicial laws. I thought neither was a requirement for obtaining a patent in the US. What is the actual law in this case? Thanks.

The theoretical section is very interesting. There must be some truth to it if the numbers are matching experimental values. Could a device be built on a smaller scale that would generate a smaller force that could say decrease the weight of an object inside this graviton field?

OK, after all these comments...did anybody take a real, good, close look at the illustrations?

"Two vertical walls" that separate two "motors" that power up an "ultracentrifugational axle" that opposingly spins against a "spherical superconductor" sheathed in a "supercooled jacket"?

Mr. Worsley and Mr. Twist are trying to patent safe sex.

My dear!

Sorry, your patent will never working. It is totaly wrong! You must start from electron positron anihilation to making atomic power gravitation wavings (GW). From GW it is need to clean positive energy and from negative energy makes GW decomposition and amplifying only longitudinal and one transversal GW components.
Please, look at

kind regardes,

Somebody patented my original design against my wishes.
I redesigned it and got a Provisional Patent, then I published it on the Internet.
The new one is public domain.
Nobody can ever claim it as their own.
It belongs to the world.

All humor aside, the failures of this patent are most predominant in that it is blatantly built off the patented work of Henry Wallace, without his knowledge of odd nuclear spin values. Superconductive materials are of little use in this theoretical patent because the applicants are not harnessing the proper elements for the electrogravitic effect. The recipient materials need to have the high differential of odd nuclear spin values to maximize the propulsive effect. Trying to use a commutator further inhibits the success factor as it is grossly inefficient, when square pulses of high voltage can be effectively created with current technology. Only by implementing the knowledge and work of Townsend Brown with that of Henry Wallace, in a complete re-write of this patent, could there be any hope of success. Unfortunately for the applicants, this matter has been publicly disclosed at ; also see Volume II of the UFO How-To series, and "The Basics" under the same series (
best regards,

I'm not sure what the hold-up is... maybe they have re-thought their stance on how this is going to actually make the company any money. Or perhaps their lawyers pointed out the liability of providing agents a platform to stick their feet in their mouth. Whatever it is, it's hardly something I'd claim as being "Well done".

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